Change For The Stronger
December 22, 2020
Shifting perspective for growth
January 4, 2021
In the final blog post of 2020, we’d like to highlight some noteworthy developments in business and marketing that emerged during a tumultuous year the included a US election cycle like no other and the first global pandemic of this generation.  Business presses on and so do we.

AI isn’t just for DARPA. It’s becoming more accessible for small and mid-size companies, as well.

Apple’s privacy settings now allow users to select when apps track their whereabouts. Facebook isn’t so thrilled.

Clayton Ruebensaal, CMO of American Express, explains how they got creative and revamped their B2B marketing to serve the needs of their customers.

Chris Drago, Head of Global Media and Advertising at MailChimp, shares a creating and celebratory annual report spreading good news after an unprecedented year of challenges.

Happy New Year!