Are You Prepared For Change?

January has long served as a month of transition and renewed commitment to goals.  As we enter the start of 2021, now is the perfect time to prepare for greater changes ahead. 

With the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations ramping up, the choice between in-person office collaboration versus continued work-from-home workforces will be one of the most deliberated decisions business leaders will face.  

Forethought and planning about your organization can make the difference between moderate and accelerated growth trajectories.  

Do you have a post-COVID plan for your workplace? Have you hired outside your pre-COVID geography? Will you downsize your office footprint? Will working from home be the new norm or a perk?


Does an in-office workplace mitigate depression and increase mental health? Who’s should (or perhaps ‘need’) to return to an in-person setting?


No single person has all the answers.  As a leader, you must embrace the unknown and ask for input.  Your employees will admire you and feel valued, but best of all, you might just get great ideas.


Feeling like you’re not getting the best thinking from your team?  Try observing the observers.