Are You Prepared For Change?
January 25, 2021
To Innovate, Go Deeper
February 26, 2021

Do you see yourself as a tech-holdout?  Are you proud to do things the “tried and true” way? Going with what’s worked in the past is a defensive position.  It may work for a bit, but defense doesn’t win the game. A mindset of resourcefulness and a desire for the competitive-edge is absolutely necessary for success.

Here are some cool ways technology is changing design within the tried-and-true markets:

Sailboats that act more like airplanes; modern foiling technology has increased performance greater than at any point in the 170-year history of the America’s Cup.

Has your Covid-diet increased your waistline so much that you take a deep breath before putting on your shoes?  Now imagine what it must be like for individuals with permanent limited mobility.  Check out what Nike is doing to make sneakers more accessible.

Defense technology has embraced video games for decades.  Now we’re learning that Elon Musk’s design for the Cybertruck may have been influence by the Halo (video game) Warthog truck.