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August 27, 2020
March 13, 2017

Tribal Knowledge for KFC Franchise Owners, Chicago Co-Op “GoKFC.Com”

Method Engine is tasked to deliver more registered users of the Website through SEM and email blast campaigns. This goal has two benefits:

  1. Increase the number of users who will digitally download the available monthly catering coupons, thus lowering printing costs for delivery of paper coupons
  2. Increase in opted-in emails to receive the monthly catering coupons digitally

Search Engine Marketing Efforts and Results

These campaigns have been running for over ten years, and Method Engine has a rich set of data from which to understand our users. We know that there are specific pages of the site which tend to drive new registrations. By directing our SEM traffic to those pages (e.g., coupons, online menu planner), we consistently increase registered users and opted-in email addresses (registration requires an opted-in email address). These campaigns routinely not only pay for themselves, but also measurably increase overall sales for the Co-Op during the period in which they run.

Email blasts consistently convert between 16% – 18% of all opted-in, valid email addresses. These emails usually contain coupons which will reliably increase in-store traffic. While much less successful, we do continue to see enough purchased email addresses converting to opted-in to justify and pay for this monthly marketing expense.