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March 6, 2017
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February 26, 2017

Company “Raises the Roof” on Digital Presence

Englert Inc., a New Jersey-based manufacturer and distributor of commercial and high-grade metal roofing, sought to raise the bar in within their sector when it came to their online presence.

To better support Englert customers (primarily architects and builders), a streamlined approach to information design, file access, and content provided a greater means for their audiences to easily "get things done" online when it came to visualization and specification. In addition, Englert wanted to increase awareness and visibility of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) information related to their products, as this is a key consideration point for potential customers.

The new site design provides a level of visual excitement utilizing photography engagement, time-lapse video, and concise, provocative copy all presented within a precise and articulate information design framework. Ultimately, the unique appearance and refinement of the Englert mark and brand has raised the bar among competitors.