March 11, 2017
Paulson Institute
March 8, 2017

Processing Provider Cashes In On Lead Generation

Retriever Merchant Solutions was in need of a site that would be optimized for lead generation and new customer acquisition. It was also vital that the new digital presence presented the Retriever brand and message to the market in a way that is credible and resonates with key targets. It was important for RMD to make a strong first impression to those who are newly introduced to the company.

Through our strategic process and customer research, we worked with our clients at RMS to create a site that has enhance content and functionality that will best support the needs and interests of these key audiences. It was vital to clearly articulate the product and service offerings of the organization and for the RMS team to leverage the site as a key focal point for sales reps around the latest services, product releases and POS compatibility. The resulting deliverable is a site that is responsive and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Original Retriever Merchant Solutions logo

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