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March 7, 2018
March 11, 2017

New Website Drives Global Sales

Through key stakeholder research to better understand the organization’s business and marketing goals, Method Engine created the Thermos website to appeal to a range of market segments. Content including video and product animations was created for each of the primary market segments. This allowed Thermos to enter into a dialog with consumers on their own level rather than simply selling product features and benefits. In addition, the new content could be leveraged in tradeshows, partner e-commerce sites, and social media and were created in German, French and Spanish.

Once created, the site was internationalized for the global marketplace. Websites were created in German, French and Spanish. The sites are optimized for search and provide a platform for ongoing digital marketing campaigns. They are a powerhouse of digital tactics across the customer acquisition and conversion funnel leading to more sales and stronger customer relationships.

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