Technology Imitating Life or Life Imitating Tech?

In this week’s blog post, we’re focusing on the intersection of technology and human experience.

When you’re designing new technology, experiences or any communications for that matter, it’s crucial to understand the culture of your audience.  Read more here:

Shopping in YouTube? Yup. It’s the next step in monetizing digital content for the world’s largest video site.

Did the pandemic influence the way we use technology? Yes, but perhaps it wasn’t as much as it seems.

Or has it?  Are we looking for new ways to share?  Netflix and chill?  How about virtual watching parties and screensharing? Sure, but today’s world is a mobile world, weather we’re stuck in transit or in the living room.

To seem hip to modern culture, TV programs often latch onto modern technology-culture.

Cash or plastic?  Paying with your iPhone?  Microchips embedded in your forearm? Think again.  The future of credit cards may be…wood!